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    Green wheel and really cold water/air temp

    I am currently waiting on a new Green wheel from Jerry and everything I have read says as long as I keep the stock IC I am ok with stock injectors.
    Problem I am struggling with in my head is that most of you guys are from California, Florida or somehwere hot. I live in eastern Canada where the water temp is probably 20 - 30 degrees celcius cooler on average.

    Only mods I had on her last year were a 4" intake which ended up giving me 300 - 350 rpm. I just pulled my plugs and they seem to be rather white already. Is it within the realm of possibility that the very cool water temps, and green wheel, even with the stock IC could cause me to run lean with such a difference in water temp? Or am I worrying for nothing?

    If there is even a remote possibility of this I am going to have to scrape together some money for the rising rate FP regulator.

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    you should be OK

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    i agree!

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