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    Newbe SL 650 Questions

    I bought two 94 SL650 skis over the winter. One is DOA with a bad motor the other runs fine but dies intermittently according to the previous owner.
    I am going to do some preventative maintenance/mods to the skis before I use them this year, and I found a lot of info on the Green Hulk site. But I wanted to get your opinion about my plan so….here it is.

    The Dead SL650 is going to get an SL750 transplant. I am getting the 750 CDI as well as the carbs and reeds.

    Question 1: Do I need anything else to put this 750 in the 650 hull?

    Both Skis are getting:
    1. New fuel lines
    2. Carb. Clean/rebuild
    3. Clean/replace fuel filters.
    4. New or rebuild reserve selector valve.
    5. Drain and clean fuel system/tank.
    6. Delete oil reservoir
    7. Crankcase leak down test
    8. Compression test
    9. Cooling system check/repair/purge
    10. Electrical box check/treatment
    11. New plugs
    Run em in the water/WOT chops check plugs/--see what happens…

    Question 2: Did I miss anything for a pre-season "don’t know anything about these ski’s service"??

    Question 3: Should I just go ahead and rebuild/reseal the pumps while I am at it??

    Thanks for your comments and this great site.

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    Welcome to the hulk.

    Your list looks good. You should pull the jet pumps and inspect. Add a three outlet fuel pump...650 750 and 780 are the same motors except bore size and carb jetting the 780 uses different cylinders and exhaust manifold.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    If you change the motor from 650 to 750, the impeller will need to change. Otherwise the additional power will just over-rev the 650 spec'ed impeller, and the CDI will hit the rev limiter, cutting power.

    Stock SL750 impeller can be (1994) 5131079, (1995) 5131371, or another impeller with similar pitch numbers. If you boost engine power, then the impeller must also change, to keep the engine turning at the top of it's power band, without hitting the CDI rev limiter.

    OR, you can change to a CDI that allows a higher peak RPM. The Pro785 CDI is favoured for really waking up these Fuji engines, but the rest of the motor must be tuned to make proper use of the CDI.

    Check and lube the through hull grease fitting/bearing.

    When installing the new 750 motor, use an alignment tool to ensure the engine and jet pump are properly aligned.

    On both, look the impeller, jet pump, and intake grate over carefully. Check the impeller to pump wear ring clearance. Look for damage to either the impeller blades or the pump stator vanes.

    What kind of water will you be riding - smooth or rough? The intake grate can be changed to grab rough water better, but with some drop in top speed.

    Do you want to end up with a matched set, performance wise, in your two Polaris SL?
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    Impeller chart, 1992-1997

    The modular 148mm jet pumps were used from 1994 through 2004; parts are fully interchangeable, and the 148mm pumps can even be bolted right into the '92-'93 hulls.

    FYI, the 1992 & 1993 Polaris 146mm jet pumps were a different design and size, so impellers and other parts from the first two years cannot be used on later year pumps.
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    Welcome to the Hulk, Frobate. Check out the package deals I listed in the classifieds. The 780 package will include almost everything you need to add 20+ HP to your 650.

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    Welcome to the HULK!!!

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    To all, Thank you.

    447 I really am not sure what kind of water I will be in. Since right now this is real world recreational usage, prolly a little of both rough and smooth water. Is there a set up, other than stock, that would give good performance, better than stock, in both conditions?

    447 both skis with similar performance levels?? Not really a priority. I want them both to be reliable..

    Thanks again


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