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    2005 RXT in Florida **Help Please **


    New member to the forum and I need a little help. I purchased a pair of 2005 RXT's in Florida. I am currently in Ohio where I live (the RXTs are still in Florida) and I am trying to get the titles transfered from Florida to Ohio and have run into a snag.

    The Florida title(s) list the ID number(s) as YDVxxxxxD505 (the xxxxx is a 5 digit number). The titles list the make as "YDV" and the Body as "VS".

    So here is my problem, Nowhere on the title does it say SeaDoo, Bombadier, RXT - nothing..... And the Ohio title folks are giving me some heartache. They looked in their "database" and tell me that the ID number does not make sense. They also say they need the engine serial number.

    So what do I need from you all?
    1. Can someone tell me if YDV is a valid start to a VIN?
    2. Can someone with a Florida title tell me what your title has for "Make" and Body" (and what YDV and/or VS might stand for)
    3. Where is the engine serial number? (I will have to send a friend to go get the number off my RXTs



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    ZZN on my 03....

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    Identification #

    Should have (Bombardier Motor Corp of Amer) in lower left corner for Odometer Status or Vessel Manufacturer. Don't know about Ident. # mine starts with ZZN. I have a 2004 RXP. Good Luck

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    Both my 05 rxt and rxp start with YDV.

    The engine numbers are on the front of the engine block below the oil filler cap. You will need a mirror and a torch to see them.

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    should say- make of boat,seadoo as far as vin# mine starts with ski came from florida.

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    Hmmmm Mine has "BRP Inc" for Odometer Status or Manufacturer..... BRP is a funny abbreviation for Bombadier...

    Do your Florida titles have VS for Body? What could that mean?

    Thanks again


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    what would be very helpful for you would be to ask the person you got them from if he has the MSO from when he purchased them. If so all the information is on there serial number for the motor and hull. Model and displacement and hp even the vessel length.

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