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    RXP First Ride...RPM Question

    Posted this under general and really didn't get many responses...

    I have a brand new '04 (left over) RXP that I took out for the first time this weekend. It was fogged so I put a new set of plugs in it and took it out. The most RPM's that I saw on the tach was 7400-7450 all day long. I put about 1.9 hours on the machine. My speeds on the dreamo were only about 63-64-65. I was riding on a small lake that was choppy with some wind, but it would not seem to me that the conditions could rob that many RPM's?!

    Out of all of my mods I ONLY have the ROTAX power pipe installed, I was waiting to ride the machine this weekend before installing the rest.

    I guess I am just trying to trouble shoot here before taking the machine back to my dealer, besides the oil level (which I did not think to check), what else could be wrong? I mean its technically brand new, and it would not seem to me that they would have changed the oil on the machine?

    Anyway, if you could just give me some ideas or things to check out, I would appreciate it. I am completely lost right now.


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    Since its brand new, you should take it back to the dealer. Don't mess with it.

    Did you check the stuff 'psycho rxp' asked you to check on the other thread??

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    I am not at my house, still at college so I have yet to check the oil once it is hot. I did not think to check it while I was riding it

    Everything else on the machine is stock except the Rotax pipe.

    According to the digital gauge the water temp (Lake water I am assuming) was 59 and the engine temp was 66, I do not know if that would affect enything, just throwing that out.

    Just for reference, how much does wind and chop affect RPMs?

    I am trying to trouble shoot so I can have my father drop the machine off at the dealer and have it fixed by the time I am home for summer in a few weeks.

    I am going to call them tomorrow and ask them if indeed they did change the oil when they preped it.

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