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    Sportster LE 951 mods

    Hello folks, I bought a 2002 Sportster a couple years back, and have had a lot of fun with it so far. I heard that the 951 has a bad rep, but I havent had any problems at all with this motor. And I abuse that thing to no end. She seems to like it.

    I am looking for some performance mods this year, but it seems like most of the mods discussion goes on with the guys on skis and supercharged engines. These engines are still a bit of a mystery to me, so i have a few n00b questions.

    Is the waterbox mod a good idea for these?
    Is an aftermarket grate going to make any noticable difference?

    I am seriously considering ordering the Stage 1 kit from ROSSIER, just wanted to know if anyone on here has had any experiance with them.

    Here is a link to the kit

    any other mods i should think about?
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    There is a ton of stuff for that engine....

    ....but most of it would be bad in a boat. I would check out groupK, they
    seem to have a sane approach to the 951 in a boat application. There
    are some basic stuff to do that will help performance, but more importantly,
    help reliability. Poke around pwctoday in the sea doo forums, you will find
    good info there. Just remember that your motor is pushing more than a ski.
    So some of the all out stuff just does not make sence on a motor already
    working pretty hard. Good Luck!

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