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    That is a proven method, can't go wrong going that route.

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    this makes it so easy. thanks

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    Arrow I know this thread is old but...

    Quote Originally Posted by OsideBill View Post
    Here it is as promised.

    I know everybody has an opinion on these this is how I do it.
    Seal your pump shoe first.
    This is a great thread and I know it's old as hell. But I have to ask the question.

    What year make model did you do this on?
    What is the relevance to sealing the shoe first?

    I have a 2003 GP1300R that I am going to have to perform repairs to because the update was never installed. If I understand why you are directing people to seal the pump shoe first correctly. I'm not sure it would apply to me because my shoe is already pulling through the hull and has been glued back in my the PO.

    I also can't find a part # for the brackets for the 03 GP1300R.

    Advice tips and tricks are appreciated.


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    So I'm attempting to do this now and the thread has been EXTREMELY helpful. Idk if I would have gotten this far as a novice without it. I had to marine Tex the outside and inside due to a Cobb job from someone who had the ski previously. I'm all Tex'd and sanded and ready for drilling.

    My question is, has anyone come to a conclusion how much of the rear of these brackets have to get shaved off? I ordered the ones from the green hulk store and I don't have the means to have them machined. So, I'm sitting here with sandpaper just about hating life right now lol.

    Thanks in advance!

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