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    Question Engine Painting...... What to use

    Well, I've finally got around to removing the engine on my 96 GTX 800 & the engine is in a bit of a mess.
    It looks like the previous owner has painted the engine red, over the original white paint.
    However, it's all flaking off & looks pretty awful.
    So, I'm planning on stripping the engine, sanding it all down to bare metal, then hitting it with Etch primer. It's at this point I'm a bit stuck. I'm on a really tight budget with a new baby in the house, so I'm going to be painting the engine myself. I was looking at keeping it 'silver' & was considering aluminium paint. Will this be okay or will it not last?
    What's the best stuff to use on a budget?
    All suggestions gratefully recieved.

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    Engine paint, or some kind of high temp paint.

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    the motor doesn't get hot enough to need any high temp paint unless something is wrong with the cooling water flow. this paint in silver with a coat of the same brand clear looks good and close to OEM:

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    The only spray can stuff I ever had any luck with is the Rustoleum Hard Hat Enamel.

    Even better than that is to go to the paint supply and get some enamel, hardener and reducer. I really think it held up better than the stock paint and if you have a $20 spray gun you can get all the stuff for around $30-$40 and do want more than the spray cans.


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