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    Not winterizing in midwest?

    I have a buddy with an 05' rxt and he did not winterize the ski this year after riding. We live just 10 miles east of St. Louis so it gets cold but not really ever too bad. His ski is just sitting in his backyard with the factory cover and another heavy duty tarp but thats it. Since it gets below freezing a little here, is he for sure looking at problems or maybe get lucky? Thanks

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    You might pull the waterbox & intercooler, and check for cracks. The engine is closed loop just like a car.

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    NOT real smart to not winterize.. Not only are you protecting against freezing water in pipe/waterbox, etc.. You are stabilzing fuel.. Changing oil and filter, lubing engine compartment, cleaning and completly drying out engine compartment and checking/changing engine coolant mixture.
    Charging battery and removing cables..
    I would NOT want to ever be a 2nd owner of someone who didn't
    "winterize" even if they lived in a warm southern climate.

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    sorry for breaking in on the subject but i did not feel my question needed another thread. i live in california i just bought my ski in october of last year so far i been riding every other week, i keep it in the garage, do i need to winterize it if i ride every 2 weeks during winter?

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    nope! I live in AZ and with 4 ski's sometimes one sits longer than a month but I will stabilize the fuel if it's going to sit longer Z

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    thanks for the help

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