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    Lake Superior Run - What gear to bring

    Guys, I have been plying the Big lake for 15 years in a 28' boat. Sold the boat and a group of us will be taking a trip up the lake from Duluth, MN to Grand Portage, MN

    It will be a good run, about 170 miles.

    Here is my concern. This lake will eat you for lunch if you make mistakes. With the water temp in the 50's out in the lake, you do not last long if you run into trouble.

    I want to make sure that I do not miss anything getting set up for my trip.

    I will have my drysuit, so I will be plenty warm. I will have my handheld VHF, GPS, Strobe, towline, whistle, etc.

    I have done the bailer mod with the gear clamps.

    What else should I check just before I go on the trip.

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    It must suck living that far north and love riding skis. You do have big lakes but your riding season must be very short. I lived in Nebraska all my life and still rode 6 months out of the year. I rode until the air temp dropped below 50. Now I just moved to AZ and Im looking forward to ride all year. I cant wait to ride offseason over the winter when its 60 degrees. It seems like everyone in AZ is a pussy because its to cold Right now at 110 degrees people think its to hot without the humidity. It feels like 85 degree with humidity in Nebraska to me. I have not even turned on the AC yet.

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    I started riding this year when the temp was 34 degrees and snowing. i had my drysuit on, and I was plenty warm. Cold does not bother me. the ice had been out only 2 weeks.

    I just thought of another thing that I need to bring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, plugs

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    What equipment is a "must bring" on a trip like this?

    Anyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, anyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, anyone,,,,,,,,,,,, Bueller,,,,,,,anyone?

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