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    RXT Steering Issue

    Hi Folks, got a 05 RXT stock with the exception of Riva opas competition kit(bushings to hold the opas fins in the up position). Problem is with the bars in the neutral position the ski drifts to the right during low/high speed operation. Put it on the rack and it appears that the jet/opas fin is not true with the hull centerline when the bars are straight. On the water it takes about 1-2 inches of left steering to get the craft to track straight. Question: is this a quick fix,ie. adjusting the steering rigging or is a dealer service call in order. Also, is the installation of the PVC bushings in any way a warranty issue if in the future I have a failure(mechanical,engine,sc etc..) and the dealer is aware of the install. All help would be most appreciated
    Regards, WIKI

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    hey... now u come here too you can't get away from me, haha...

    did you read my post on PWCToday already? any questions or confusion on what i explained to you over there?

    ps.. u came to the right place

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    ya shibby you got me...... your reply did not quite answer the question in that I was curious if the steering mechanism was the source of adjustment vs. an alignment of the jet exhaust itself. It's apparent that the two are related via mechanical linkage but I can't tell if the source of the offset is related to bar placement ala traditional motorcycle or if the bar to jet nozzle linkage is the culprit. I suppose that there is an alignment procedure in the brp maintenence manual to address this. Is it even remotely posssible that the installation of the opas bushings is responsible for the alignment problems? I seem to recall that this has been a recuuring problem but it has not manifested itself to the degree that I was willing to cart it back to the dealer. Also reference my warranty question, any chance that a dealer could use the opas bushing install as a pretence to void a warranty? I tried to remove them but unless you or your buddies have some secret technique I cant seem to pry them loose. Any thoughts on these topics would be greatly appreciated.----WIKI

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    this is wiki's post on PWCT for those that didn't read.... i'm crunching a homework assignement last minute right now and then gotta drive into NYC in another hour, so i can't even think and answer his questions this early in the morning. here's his question, someone give him a hand, i'm not gonna be back till later today:

    Hi folks, sorry for the double post in the general section. Anyways, I have a 2005 RXT, stock with th exception of the Riva opas mod/bushings to lock the fins in the up position. I am having issues with the tracking of the ski at low and high speed in that when the bars are centered the ski tends to drift to the right. It appears when on the rack the opas fin and jet are cocked to the side with the bars in the neutral position ; / on water that it takes about 1-2 inches of left steering to have the craft track in a straight line. I am wondering if this is a simple adjustment or somthing that only a dealer can address.
    Thanks for the advice----Wiki
    ps. any warranty issues involved with the installation of the opas bushings,ie. dealer making a stink if an unrelated mechanical issue needs to be resolved an they are aware of the install?

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    Should not be a warrenty problem. THe dealer needs to just adjust the linkage for the OPAS. That is easy for them to do. My wifes was doing about the same thing just not that much and took it in for the 10hr service and told the dealer and they adjusted the OPAS for me with no problems. How many hours on your ski????


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