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Thread: Solas 14/19

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    Solas 14/19

    Ok I searched for this but could not seem to find anything on it. My question is is it ok to install the solas 14/19r on my stock rxp? or will this mess up my rpms? I will eventualy put the stage one kit on it but that could be in a year or two. I messed up my prop last weekend so I need a new one anyways. Any advice apreciated. thanks in advance.

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    14/19 might be too much for a stock ski.... but if you slap a homemade air intake on there for not even 100 bucks, and repitch the 14/19, THEN you'll be faster and be able to spin the 14/19

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    Ty, The 14/19 will be fine. You may have to remove a little pitch at the trailing edge of the blades. I would put it in and see where you are at before bending the blades.

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    Ty...good question. I was wondering the same thing as I will eventually install a stag 1 kit but do so piece by piece. So I am unsure if it is worthwhile or safe to add piece by piece or do it all at once.

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    Want to sell the 14/19 or trade for a 14/18.5 ?

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