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    2002 Sea doo GTI LE

    2002 Sea doo GTI LE looking at one of these to buy, Any opinions on the machine?


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    gtx 1996

    How about a 1996 Seadoo GTX with 140 hrs? good?
    Throw me a BONE!

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    How much?

    I am not a big fan of the hull on the newer GTI especially with only a 720 in it.
    The 1996 GTX is a good boat. Read this post if you haven't already.

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    Costa Plenty

    The 2002 GTI LE was a private local seller, he wanted $4700 . However when I went to look at it he said a dealer had just offered him 5K as a trade in. I had a quick look, the machine was in very nice shape cosmetically. I thanked him for the viewing and said no thanks. Funny thing is, 5 mins after leaving he called me on my cell and said he felt bad and offered to let me have it for the asking price of $4700??? I declined.

    I don't know, what the heck....people sure can make this seadoo shopping interesting.

    The 1996 GTX is at a dealer in NY state. $2700 inc trailer.Says its a clean unit with only 140 hrs, the pics look good but I don't have any other details as yet. I'm thinking of going for a looksee Monday.

    Thanks for your info 785xp....good stuff!

    I'm doing as much research on line as I can in an effort to know what to look for and what questions to ask a prospective seller. I REALLY hate to go in unarmed and basically make a decision based on colour and the abillity to see my reflection in the hull. (that's the wifes job).

    One thing, is a "RAVE" valve a type of rotary valve. I'm familiar with the rotary valve setup Kawasaki motorcycles used to have, maybe I should DL a manual and have a look at the pics eh?

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