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    ultra 150 vibration

    Any advice about a low end vibration in an ultra 150. I am not talking about the normal Kawi vibration, this is harder, and it only last till about 8 mph. The motor in in align. All jet pump and shaft are new, including all oil bearings and seals. I have no idea what else to check. Had It looked over at Performance shop. They said it was mech great, but had no idea about the vibration. Its Bad though. Thanks

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    Mabe a slightly bent drive shaft or prop out of balance. If the motor has been apart one of the balancers could be out of index.

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    Did you get this fixed ,I have the same exact problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duane Hawley View Post
    Did you get this fixed ,I have the same exact problem?
    I have removed the shaft and started mine,same problem.Bought it with 33 hours on it ,motor is perfect,120 lbs all cylinders,carbs removed and check for trash,motor looks like it was made yesterday,no signs anywhere of anyone being in it ever, I pulled the plug wires 1 at a time while running and noticed that when the rear one is removed the idles doesnot checnge un like the other ones. Also when pluged back up the motor picks up idle for a second then looses it again.Virbrates like hell. Seems to me its running on 2 cylinders at idle but runs great eceerywhere else?Maybe a bad coil pack.Please let me know if you have solved this.\

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    Problem solved! I new it was the third cylinder by pulling the plug wires one at a time.It didn't hurt top end either,just idle.First thought was low speed jet but ruled it out. Pulled the intake and found a piece of tie strap caught between the reed and cage. Reeds were in need of replacing because of this,edges looked like the had been lightly burned and warped. Just letting everyone know in case anyone else runs across this again. Once again,check compression 1st,check for spark,check for low speed jet clogged,check reeds,check shaft for bending.. Hope this helps someone.

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