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    Stage I/Bolt Ons/Ride Plate Holes

    i searched the forum a little but couldnt find too many definite answers..

    what are some cheap mods besides the Riva Stage I Kit and filling the holes along with truing the rideplate?
    shibby started the official rideplate holes thread but i didnt see any agreements on what works best for the job..i also didnt find out if temperature or fresh water effects any of the materials used.

    Greenhulk, i saw u have your wifes ski up to 75+mph with just bolt-ons. do you know what could be done to get decent gains without the new innercooler, sc impeller etc..?

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    there's 2 crucial things to these skis regardless of the level of modifications:

    the perfect prop bend.... &.... maximum hull ventilation and air flow

    other than that, pay very very special attention to details. get things smooth and even. intake grate flush with the ride plate. the bolt holes. OPAS pro block offs nice and even and smooth. fresh wear ring. perfect oil level.

    supply the engine with as much air as possible, and make it as much of outside fresh air as possible.

    other than that... you really need to do more bolt-on work. gonna need an intercooler or SC impeller. if you don't want any of that... then slap a stock class racing ECU in there. thats real easy and a bang for the buck

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