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    GP1200 questions

    Since its winter and I have the time I am doing a bunch of stuff to my skis.. anyways..

    My '99 is completely stock. I just bought a couple of '97's that included a parts ski. The parts ski has a riva plate, grate, tabs, extended nozzle and sponsons. I want to put it all on my '99 - any opinions on this (I know on the gpr's some of the riva stuff is not the greatest)? Also is there any gain to free airs over the stock airbox? Do I need to rejet if I put them on? Also I remember reading gp carbs need to be rebuilt at 80hrs - or am I thinking of something else?

    Is there any fix to help get the GP to hook up out of the hole? Do you guys seal up the shoe like the GPR's?

    Sorry for all the questions...

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    The Tabs will not interchange between the 97 and the 99. all the other parts will. The GP hooked up great in stock form no issues with this like the GPR.

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