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    2003 Sportster LE DI versus 2004 Sportster 150 4-tec

    I can pick up a 2003 Sportster 2-stroke for about $7000, and I can pick up a 2004 Sportster 4-tec for about $10,000. Any opinions on how these boats compare? I realize they are totally different hulls, interiors, and engines. Any thoughts on which is a better buy? Thanks

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    4tec all over...the DI even if better than carbureted models, is still a 2 stroke with all the downs of it....

    I'd prefer the 4tec for many reasons:

    1-More environmental engine (clean) no smoke
    2-No injection 2 stroke synthetic oil to buy $$$
    3-4 stroke is less noisy engine
    4-Longevity of the 4 stroke compared to the 2 stroke.
    5-Closed loop cooling system.
    6-Way better hull on the 4tec one compared to the older one.
    7-Long term resale value of 4tec is definitely better, in few years 2 stroke might be banned everywhere...

    As for fuel consumption i can't tell....i know the DI was very good on fuel, but you still have to factor in the 2 stroke injection oil who is very expensive...i'd go for the newer and cleaner 4 stroke one.

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    Jeepster thank you for your thoughts, anyone else?

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    too much strain on that 951 DI to be pushing around a BOAT for the long term... it wont last you nearly as long as the 4-tec

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    I vote for the 2 stroke

    The Di would be the best for fuel burn. 03 would be a carbed unit. Fuel
    burn is really no different the 4-tech. The DI burns less. The 2 stroke will
    be quicker if not all out faster. Cheaper to fix or replace. Of course the
    4-tech should not need to be replaced.
    I have heard the argument that the rotax 2 stroke works too hard in a boat. Having run 2 stroke sea doo boats for 12 years, I have not found that. They
    tend to last longer in the boats vs the pwc because they never get dunked.
    Poor maintanence kills them long before they wear out. Now is the 4-tech
    more tolerant of poor maintenace? Don't know, never owned one. I can
    tell you that the 2 stroke, maintaned and fogged, lasts a long long time.
    But is intolerent of water/moisture. Purging the exhaust, fogging after every
    use, proper winterization, all contribute to a long life.
    I have been told that properly maintaned 4-techs can go a couple thousand hours. Guess it all comes down to how you care for them. I suspect that 4-tech have a larger margine of error.

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    They gave me a warantee that covers all items. I mentioned to them about the wear ring and they told me to take it to my local dealer and to have it fixed and to send them the bill. Do you know if there is anything that I should be checking fluids in or greasing other than the engine oil? I've looked for a service manual on e-bay several times with no success..


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