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    Angry Help - 250X Bogs/Missing

    I have an 07 Ultra 250X with 32 hours.

    My mods include: Riva Performance Air Intake Kit, Riva By Pass Kit, R&D valve cover/emissions block offs, R&D waste gate block off, Riva Free flow exhaust, Riva Rideplate, R&D intake grate, and R&D pump shoe stuffer. Changed plugs at 15 hours and 30 hours due to common fouling problem found with NGK PMR9B plugs.

    Ski ran fine with new plugs at 31 hours. After that, took ski out yesterday and it started bogging out of hole shots and misses at mid range and top end. Top speed at full throttle low 60s on speedometer and rpms probably tops out at under 7,000.

    My kawi technician is at a lost. He said it could be an exhaust leak but I didn't notice exhaust fumes coming out from under seat. He'll take it for a test ride later this week to see what's going on.

    Ironically, motor snaps and runs fine on dry land while flushing. Nothing is stuck in pump or impeller either.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you might offer.


    Honolulu, HI

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    You can find many threads diagnosing similar symptoms all over Kawi forum. I am no expert but I have read most of these threads and have gone through some trial and error myself. Here are some suggestions based on forum discussions so far:

    If your dealer has KDS software, hook it up to ski and check all sensor data.

    Take intercooler apart and check for excess oil or gunk that may impede flow.

    Check breather pipe for silicone clogging.

    Has Dealer done ignition switch recall work yet?

    Try new plugs yet again.

    Check oil level. It needs to be carefully watched. Dlrs sometimes overfill.

    Run premium gas only, ie 91+ at least.

    BOV may be leaking. Check RPM & boost pressure.

    HiloMikey seems to like his mechanic who may be close to you too if you need some 2nd opinions.

    Best of luck, riding in Hawaii must be outstanding.

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    Have you talked to bruce at Cycle City???? If not PM me and I will give you his Cell #


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    Just a thought here, Supercharger belt slipping under load?? Then Kicking in???

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    Hey Blue 182 and Hilo Mikey,

    Mahalo for your comments. Bruce at Cycle City Honolulu is my mechanic, he did all of my mods, and he is very knowledgeable with the 250s.

    Couldn't be the plugs as they are brand new. Using 92 octane only. Changed the immobilizer per recall. I'm sure Bruce will put the ski on diagnostics if he can't fiqure out the problem from just running it. Could be gook in the intercooler or supercharger, or slippage with the s/c belt or some of the other things you mentioned. Just don't know and frustrated.

    In any event, I'll let you guys know after Bruce checks it out.

    Again thanks for the feedback.

    Today's a beautiful day to ride in paradise, but unfortunately I have a sick ski.



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