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    RXP Fuel Pump Failure

    Problems with my RXP 2007 4-Tec fuel pumps. The symptom I have is that the ski stops running without any warning. You can diagnose the fault by inserting the key and you should hear the fuel pump prime itself. If the 10A fuse is okay then the fuel pump is fault.
    I am on my second pump which has just failed again, anyone have any suggestions? Only done 21 hours and a fuel pump failure doesn't give you any sort of limp home assistance, you just left dead in the water!
    The first fuel pump failed due to some sort of "sacrificial anode" process (the positive supply to the pump inside the fuel pump casing eating itself).

    I don't think the faults are linked, but checking for tank contamination is the first thing thats needed as well as a new fuel pump!
    Am I just unlucky as you can get faults early on in an items operating life..
    Ps the old fuel pump has a lot of white crystalline residue inside it, anyone know what this could be? The last pump was £690 fitted!!! Seadoo don't want to know as its and import. So I need to know if there are any other precautions that I can take before they fit the new pump.

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    I have never seen corrosion of an electrical terminal in a fuel tank. I have seen that type of corrosion before but only on terminals that are exposed to moisture. Are you sure the fuel pump is gone, I would check the fuel pump before replacing it.

    I would supect the white residue to be lime, but lime is a mineral is water not gasoline.

    Can you take a photo of the pump outside the housing?

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    Don't use fuel containing FL that would be Hess, Murphy (Walmart) and Sunoco.


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    Is that really caused by alcohol, or water in the gas? Up here in jersey, everything has 10% alcohol. . .

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    StrandedAtSeadooAgain- RXP Fuel Pump.

    First many thanks for your contribution.
    The first thing with pump number 1 which you see in the photos is that the ski was shipped from the state (I'm the second unwitting owner). I suspect that the tank was drained for shipping so it may or may not have been exposed to air/moisture at that time.
    The pump was 16 hours when removed, I hope the pump still works with a replacement crimp. Its obviously ok, but boy was I surprised to see 12V unsealed electrics in a fuel tank!
    Ok with a full tank when its submerged in gas/petrol as there's no air to burn, but what about a nearly empty tank.

    The way the first pump fault was diagnosed at the dealer was to insert the key, check for pump priming sounds (which it doesn't now). The second action was the check the fuse, thats it. I have checked with a meter to ensure that power gets to the fuel pump fuse.

    The RXP pump doesn't have a fuel return so that rules out some possible causes of the failure.

    I think the first pump failed due to sacrificial anode erosion as the ski is a 2007 model with less than 16 hours and its only the positive crimp that has depleted.

    I'm gonna take it to my dealer tomorrow, and he's gonna say its the pump and it's just bad luck. Seadoo want to keep faulty parts but as I paid my hard earned cash for the repair.,I decided to keep the faulty part just in case I could claim on warranty, however this felll on deaf ears.

    I'll double double check next time before I buy another Ski. It's very hard to be certain when buying, but its certainly a problem when it comes to servicing and repairs.

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    I purchased a fuel pump assy. that turned out to be badly corroded and it had failed in the exact same manner.
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    CBrich, I can't work out how to remove the pump for photos. The anode male connector is intact, the female crimp is the only thing to dissolve.
    Take a look at the wire, it appears like it wasn't stripped when it was assembled as the wire looks cut not broken off at the insulation. Maybe this poor contact cause some resistance accelerating the erosion, how does that sound?
    This doesn't help me forward though as the latest failure of a brand new seadoo supplied part installed October 2007 and used by me for 3 hours before todays failure. Maybe the failure is just a coincidence (bathtub/U effect of failure), the dealer said he would offer a warranty on the part - so hope he's gonna hold to it..

    The 1st pump (in photos) was manufactured by Bosch for BRP in Mexico Part Number p/n 270 600 056. Bosh ASM number F 00H K100 175 born 15 Feb 2007.

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    Fuel Pump Anode crimp failure in fuel tank

    Just picked up my ski with a new fuel pump. The one removed failed for exactly the same reason after 3 months. The anode crimp disolved in the fuel tank!
    Can anyone help? I'm not running an ethanol mix fuel. Could this be disimilar metal erosion in gasoline?

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    maybe a reaction to the fuel with the material that they made the connectors out of.

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