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    FOR SHIBBY 1485

    As I understand it you work at a Sea-Doo dealership. I called my local dealer and tried to order a PFD from the 2006 Riding Gear Parts and Accessories Catalog that Sea-Doo sent out. On page six of the catalog in the lower left corner is a PFD called the Navigator. I need a 3XL. They stated Sea-Doo was out of the model/size and would not have any more. Do you have one at your dealership? If not would you call some other Sea-D00 dealerships your area and see if you can round one up. I will pay for your efforts--also a sir charge and shipping. Let me know--thanks--

    Sundance (Ray)

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    Ray... sorry i did not see this message until late. just worked from 7:00 am until 1:15 am..... the joys of being home from college for the summer. I'm home for one day and work a little over 18 hours. I'm totally wrecked and passing out just as soon as i finish reading every single post i missed for the day, lol.

    anyways... let me look around and see what i can find out for you on monday. PM me monday night if u don't hear from me to remind me.

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