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    gas leak

    I got a 2005 rxt. the ski ran good on the water, it had full power and did not seem like there was anything wrong. When I pulled it out of the water there was a gas trail...I took the seats off and I didnt see anything wrong. Any Ideas? PLEASE HELP!

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    Did it smell like gas inside your hull? Sometimes you think it is a gas trail but it could be oil too... Just check at the hull water drain plugs for any fluid there or gas smell..

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    I couldnt smell any gas in the hull but like i said there was a gas trail coming from where it came out of the water. There was some oil.

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    The other day I was cleaning the ski up and I sprayed some water in the hull and then I lifted up the trailor so the water can flow out of the drain holes. Do you think gas could have come out somehow from me lifted the ski in the air like that?

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    Did you spill any oil when you changed it? If so, there could be oil in the hull that got suctioned-out by the venturi tubes on the pump. Maybe even a leak at the oil filter canister. Just a thought, since you don't smell gasoline in the hull... Ron

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    When I winterized it I did spill some oil and today was the first time I rode it, but I still dont understand where the gas game came from. I never had anything go wrong with the gas like this. I did have a aftermarket intake on it and I put the factory intake back on, you think maybe I messed up a fuel line when I put the intake back in?
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    OK what you should do is start your ski and check the fuel lines and fittings for any leaks or fuel smell. Then check your gas tank neck's filling hose and clamps to see if it is loose. IF you have a leak inside the hull you should be able to smell the gas a mile away. Also sometimes in the water oil looks a lot like gas when it is floating on top. If your ski ran good with no problem maybe it was old oil left inside your hull that drained through your flush valves. Check also your oil level to be safe....

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    Yeah I checked the oil level and it looks fine...if it had a oil leak it would of thrown a code right? The gas trail was on the pavement where we pulled it out. You could tell it was gas because of the colors mixed in with the water that was on the ground. A gas leak shouldnt be anything serious right?

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    gba, Check the tank breather valve that vents to outside right of hull. There was a recall on 07 model Rxt's for faulty valve and they would fall apart if you pulled on them. If this is faulty it could leak full from tank especially after a ride and tank pressure builds, The other down side is if it is faulty it could leak water in also. Good Luck

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