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    boost gauge/air intake/catch can pics

    finally had some time to work on the rxp this week. first i was messin around with my air intake. i put on justin's (rxpblast) 4" sc adapter, modded the riva filter element, and mounted it directly under the glove box. sounds pretty freakin sweet.

    i mounted my catch can from the mount thats right underneath the steering column. got the catch can is from summit for like $25, its deffinatly really big but the price was right.

    andy (pale rider) kindly made me a mirror mount for my boost gauge (u da man andy ). it took me and my pops 2 hours to mount this freakin thing...granted he was doin most of the work it could use another coat of paint but otherwise looks awesome.

    i put on the umi bars a few weeks ago and i wasnt really impressed with how it looked so i decided to paint the steering column black. it came out really nice, although its probably not worth the was a pain in the ass!

    i finally got around to filling in ride plate holes, trueing the intake grate to the ride plate, and filling grate holes. i used some magnum marine epoxy from lowes, worked great.

    the only thing i didnt get around to doin is my hydroturf mats which have been sitting here since winter

    oh, the power pipe (res) will be for sale soon. you can see it in one of the pics, pm if interested.
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    Nice job! Mirror mounted boost gauge looks cool, everything looks great. Tell dad he did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey wait a minute I`ve seen this somewhere before :P
    hahahahaha, looks good Mike!...PR...

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