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    Lightbulb F-12X Mod Guidance Needed

    I have a 2004 F-12X 34hrs. Paid $6000 with a nice Yacht Club trailer. Pay too much? Skis Mint
    Im curious if there is any benefit to putting an R-12X pump and trim system on an F-12X? also im interested in modding my ski (F-12X) i would like to be making anywhere between 200-220 hp. I've been looking into the Macsboost stage 2 but im not sure whether or not sure i want to get it because i've heard stories of not being able to run WOT more than 60 seconds.
    I do a lot of lake riding and ocean riding BTW. I would like to learn more about ups and downs of different kits that may be available or independent mods. I was also looking to get a ride plate, intake grate (horror stories of a R&D) air intake, impeller, auto drop nozzle, etc.....
    Im new to the mod scene so any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    The best mods that I am familiar with/recommend is: Hydrotec splash guard, Solas Concorde 17/29 impeller, modified intake/ Solas grate, modified ride plate for more bow lift.
    There are engine mods available too but the Honda seems to need lots of money for a slight reward in top speed.
    Enjoy your toy,

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    thanks for the reply. i was considering the superjim kit but he says it trips an error code from time to time and im not too sure how resetting it will work or what exactly it comes with. Anyone know off hand?

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    If it trips a overboost code all you have to do is turn it off and unplug the laynard. That's it.

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    WIth the Macsboost Stage 2 kit you will be able to hold your ski WOT all day long. The people that have issues are the ones that just buy the module and not the intercooler. With the intercooler installed you wont have any issues unless you try to run more than 17 psi on pump gas.

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    Welcome to the HULK!!!!!!!

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