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Thread: RXT flush grate

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    RXT flush grate

    Anyone get the Riva grate flush ? I spent about 3 hours with a dremel and palm sander and it seems I still have a little to go. I want it completly flush. Seems the lip on the back part of the grate is still high.

    I grinded down the plastic mounting on the ski along with the bolt connection. Then I grinded down the mount pads of the grate and also used a dremel and grinded down around the bolt holes.

    Is the trick the top part of the grate that connects with the big bolt.
    I'll try griding the bottom of that tomorrow.

    I'm hoping this will do for the RXT what covering the bolt holes does for the RXP, because it doesn't do much for the RXT.

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    BINGO.... you ignored the critical part... the front mount where the single bolt needs to be grinded to get it remotely flush. you can grind the back all you want, but to bring the entire thing level-ly (evenly) up and flush you need to attack it from all angles.

    don't grind anything ON the ski.... attack the intake grate from the underneath unexposed side. Avoid grinding the outter side until you have it really close, then you can bevel the eges to make it meet the hull and rideplate better.

    those Riva grates don't fit an RXT for chit is what i hear....

    and don't be slappin that sucker on there without doing a back to back test for me

    stock grate in the water, 4 WOT passes and average them all..... back to the ramp, swap intake grates and go back to the same spot as quickly as u can and do 4 passes at WOT and average them... let me know which is faster

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    Ah!!! I knew it!!!

    I didn't even touch the top one. Mine will be really flush then. I wanted the back angle on the back plate to be all the way into the hull.

    I'll know the speed difference it gives me from an unflush Riva but I'm never going to a stock grate even if it's faster.

    The hookup on the Riva blows the stock away.

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