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Thread: 75hr service

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    75hr service

    hi all is there a 75 hrs service schedule that will tell me what needs to be done on my 04 RXP i live in DOWN UNDER and were i live there is only one autherized seadoo mechanic and ive heard good and bad from some of the others who have been before me so with a service schedule i will have an idea if im getting ripped off or not? thanks for any replys HOHOHO from Australia

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    Chances are you will be getting ripped off. Most dealer work is badly overpriced and it does not gaurantee you that someone competent will be working on your ski. If there is not something specific that you want them to look at, like a warranty item for example, just do an oil/filter change yourself, and give it a thorough inspection. Have a look at the plugs, jet pump grease, wear ring etc..
    There is enough how-to's on this site to help you.

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    Yeh There Sure Is, Been Reading Up On Heaps Thanks For The Reply

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