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    Seadoo Wax

    I just got my 06 RXT earlier this week. The wonderful New England weather has done nothing but rain, and its driving me nuts. I want to get a good coat of wax on this thing, since its supposed to rain for the next week! For cars, I am a big fan of Mother's products. Can you use a basic carnuba wax on the skis, or is there a certain type of wax that should be used. Thanks for the help!

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    I found that a good coat of Turtle wax Hard coat works the best for me! I only have to wax it once every 4-5 days out (about 6 hours of riding a day) and even when I do wax it the water still beads up the last time I was out before waxing ti again.

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    i use Mothers on my ski pretty often... i've actually been a fan of the Meguiars NXT spray wax for awhile now also...

    ya know what really does a nice job tho? Honda Polish.... when i'm feeling rich and generous and want to kill a bunch of my honda polish i do my whole truck with it and then the ski. Stuff works awesome

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    Meguiars is the best, use the flagship wax in the black bottle. It is made for darker color gelcoats and paints. Very easy to work with and leaves a great shine.

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    I use Yellow Wax, pure carnuba, no cleaners or abrasives.

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