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    Some Feb fun in Miami...

    Sorry guys, I know its under 40deg in alot of places in the US. But when its 75 deg, Sunny, and water temp is 72deg.... its time to hit the water!

    Buddy and his son enjoying the ride on my other friends 21ft SeaHunt CC

    What did you call me?

    Time to hunt some Lobster off SouthBeach....

    I see divers!

    Boooya, SCORE!

    Its 11am and the kids already pooped

    Next location! (Fowey Rock)

    Time to hit the water!

    Gotta get a pic of the boat

    Some Snorkeling

    Some interesting fish

    This was actually a pretty good sized fish, great colors which you really can't see too well in this photo.

    Captain Chinoo


    A little Video of the fishies...

    Do the Superman Woooooooo!

    Little diving

    Another kind of diving hehe....

    So everybody come down to Florida and have some fun in Feb!
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    I bet lobster tastes soooo much better when you catch it yourself

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