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    96 Waverunner 1100 dies at or above 30MPH

    I am a new owner of a 96 waverunner 1100. For weeks it has been running GREAT! Recently, we were out on the lake for about 45 minutes running various speed from 20 - 58MPH. Suddenly it died but restarted immediately. As we accellerated, it died again at 30MPH. We tried running it at or below 30MPH and it runs smoothly. But as soon as we try to get it up past 30MPH it dies.

    We let it sit over night and tried it again the next day. It ran Great again for a while then started to act up again. It was even worse. It died at anything over 17MPG.

    We took it home and ran it (water running through it) full throttle and it ran great.

    I thought that the gas filter might be clogged, so I replaced it. We took it out and again it ran great for about 45 minutes, then did the same thing, died at or about 30MPH. As long as I keep it under that, it will get me back to the dock.

    Any ideas???

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    I am new but limp mode comes to mind, Seadoos will sometimes allow you to return to the dock at low speeds when there is a problem with the engine as far as what the problem is you got me

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    I know what it is, my buddy had the 2 cyl waivrader and mine did that when i was on it, the oil injector got stuck open....

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    Dont know to much about the Yami's Id try the Yami Forum

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    Once it gets hot little to no spark. Sounds like a coil.

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