yes they really are......

1- you have to trail your ski to routin maintainance every 25 hours, against 100 for see doo's

2- kawi keeps telling gas/oil mix is normal, and to get panic !!!

3- Kawi very happy about their ski storage capacity (almost double the see doo) but they forgot that made the skit very heavy too ( around 40kg heavier comparing to see doo) come on!! we need a a water ski not a cruise caravan truck!!

4- awesome power and wonderfull acceleration but can not reach 70mph speed !!,

5- if you want to get a user manual copy, it is available on kawi site .. but you have to pay for it ,, (see doo's PDF for free)

I really love the ultra 250x, it is awesome but why can't they simply listen to their fans and customers ..