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    1050 to 1200 swap

    Hi All !!!
    I'm new to the site and glad to be here.
    I blew my engine this past summer and was wondering how hard it would be to swap my 1050 for a 1200 will everything fit the same or will there be many mods to do.

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome ,
    you should just need the 1200 motor ,carbs ,stator and cdi from the 1200 and it should go right in and it would be a great update , also what model ski is it .

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    Thanks Lugs ...The model is an sltx

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    Hi 7mm, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    I installed a 1200 into my SLTX.
    Originally I just transfered everything over from the 1050 to the 1200, jetted the carbs and it ran pretty good although I did have a Hot Seat CDI.
    I don't remember gaining more than 2MPH but it was certainly quicker.

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    Welcome to the Hulk 7mm.

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