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    Intake Grate screw torque

    Anyone know the torque requirements or the screws on the intake grate? or do you just put your shoulder in them. I'm afraid I might bust one of the holders loose.

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    Apply red loctite. Torque screws to 26 N-m (19 lbf-ft ).

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    Front single screw is 19 lb ft.

    Three rear bolts are 11Nm or 97 lb in (according to the manual).

    I use Permatex thread sealant.

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    Wow 97lb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    Wow 97lb
    Screw 3 is referring to the front screw.
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    I thought there was 4 bolts. The one that holds the bolt on the front of the grate then 3 in the back.

    The single screw closest to the back of the ski has a mount plate.

    and that says 97lb /inch is that only 8lb/ft ?

    I bet the 3rd screw is the one closes to the back of the ski and is 19lb since it has a metal mount plate.

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    The numbers I posted are per the 2005 Sea Doo Manual for the RXT
    The three back screws (small) 11 Nm (97 in-lbf) the front screw (large) 19 ft-lbf.

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    I just put on the Riva grate. Did not torque it at all. Just got it tight and used loctite.

    Should I worry?

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    The only thing you probably need to worry about is if you torqued it too much and caused the screw seat to turn a bit. Then you have a loose screw mount.

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    Kinch: you know the front bolt is bigger and would require more torque, and the three remaining are 6mm which require little torque! so yes 97 inch pounds...PR...

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