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    Exclamation This is Great....Help

    05 Rxp.
    The History........Ok so I put a ECU updated vale train and changed out oil jet, and light weight sprocket.... New bolts to spec and used the engine locking tools and it was lined up... Turned motor over by hand form the pump.... Everything seemed to be Ok...

    The Bad.....Well fired it up it ran for a sec... then shut down.... something didn't sound right.... tried it again and did the same....

    What I found..... the cam chain is broke, bolts the hold cam on are sheared, and the chain tensioners one is wedged in the bottom.

    If there is a good thing in this the head does not seemed to have hit anything and the pistons tops also look good.

    Chris and I think that tensioners caused the problem????
    We are pulling the motor tomorrow... What can I expect to find? Any pointers? or Advise?

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    Look at your valve stems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VaRedneck View Post
    Look at your valve stems.
    Havent pulled them out... but looking at them in the head they look good. We will pull them and to make sure but they are seating Ok...

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