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Thread: 2008 Ultra 250x

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    2008 Ultra 250x

    OK, so I thought I wanted a Honda Turbo (ride style, hull performance etc) and someone pointed me at the 15F, I like the price / engine / performance, but not the dated styling.... there sat the 250x along side the 15F, and well, I really like the styling so started reading up on it. Yes, I realize the handling difference, I've driven my buddies RXT and have a Polaris Virage TX.

    Long story short, I'm seriously considering the 250x


    Decent price on a new 08? 10.5?
    Extended warranty recommended? Price to add?
    Is the gas in oil problem addressed on the 08?

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    Gas in the oil

    Hi, I had the same concern of the gas issue, and so far could not find a proper contact from Kawasaki to answer me !

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    From what I have heard the GIO has been addressed and should not be an issue on the 08's. $10.5K seems about right.

    What type of riding will you be doing? Rough water, racing etc?

    Keep in mind that the 250X drinks gas with the best of them especially at WOT. My buddies tank went empty in just over an hour. I had just about a half tank left on my 15F when we had to bring them in for refueling. The 250 is faster but he never left me too far in the weeds where he got far away from me. In the rough that is another story...No comparisons, the 250 hull really shines over the 15F...It is like anything,,,Tradeoffs, Do your homework and buy what you think will suit you an your budget best..

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    Hey Pep sea, thanks for the response.

    Most of my riding is rivers with larger boat traffic and Lake Superior, so it sounds like the hull on the 250x is a plus.... now that fuel mileage sounds kind of nasty. (admitedly, my Virage TX 1200cc carburated unit sucks its own fair share of gas)

    You mention that you believe the GIO is addressed in the 2008 model, anything specific you can share?


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    I found this post from "skip" one of the moderators..Do a search and you will find some more info..below is a post I copied & pasted..take care and keep us posted on your decision

    The biggest issue the 250 had in 07 was the GIO. Gas-in-Oil. The ventilation was equal to a 15F one. For 08 they addressed this by opening the port in the case to a larger diameter and getting rid of the collection ventilation box. Ill attach pic.
    This extra ventilation avoids pressure back up and condensation of blow by that would collect in the oil. Now the blow by travels faster through the Catch can and is burned off as vapor.
    The 250 also changed the ECU to address rich running condition. This rich added more fuel to the oil and was hurting the Fuel Consumption rating.
    As of my testing I'm getting better gas mileage then my 07 unit. Mostly the AFR shows leaner numbers then the 07. Along with the Ventilation and ECU change there is an exhaust change.

    Changes over the 07 to 08 Ultra

    -Hood fits better making front compartment stay dryer
    -Seat is supported making it not flex and allowing water into the engine compartment
    -Case ventilation is improved and changed
    -ECU is different with different part #
    -Exhaust is changed side and eliminated the second water box
    -Stock BOV is holding at 12psi only tested two
    -Red pigment still on rag during waxing
    -Front Tube ventilation is blocked off per recall
    -Emission Ventilators are blocked off
    -Throttle is fixed with locking plate per Recall
    -Spark plugs issue resolved per recall
    -Spark plug boots have changes along with the boot cover.
    -Belt tensioner adjuster pin is different, Seems cheaper looking
    -Water fitting to the water box is restricted down
    -Silicone job seems to be alot better. Only seen 4 so far though.
    -Hoses carrying blow off back to the air box are upgraded to a better material
    -Pulley and Pulley coupler seems to be aligned perfect on the units that Ive pulled apart. My 07 was way off alignment making for belt stress.

    Thats all I found so far.

    Still monitoring the GIO closely as this was a major issue for several of us.

    Florida Smart Homes Inc.

    The information and opinions that are given by me are that of a CRAZED GURU. So if ya take information or ideas from my posts ya may wanna first consult an "industry professional" for factual guidance.

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    Thanks Pep Sea, that sounds encouraging, good news to read! I visited the kawi dealer again on Saturday. They said something interesting during our discussion about the SHO and 250x, he personally thought the hull of the SHO sounded "tinny and rattled" when running at speed and he really didn't care for that. He brought the boat back after a run and thought he had broken something (he had not) He also said they sell more Yamaha than Kawi.


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    The new Yamaha Nano hull is considerably stronger and lighter than he conventional hull. Therefor, I assume it will resonate a higher or "tinny" pitch when in chop. Yamaha is probably the most respected brand with the highest reliability ratings and sales. My theory is a ski will only treat you as good as you treat it, so over maintain your ride and it should return you to the dock.
    I also considered the 250X along with a few other HIPO skis and couldn't bring myself to spending $3 - 5K more for a ski. Unless you want bragging rights and be king on the water, the 15F is plenty fast and probably the best value on the water for 2008.

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