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    Battery Leaking?

    I take my battery out of my boat every year and put it in the garage. I noticed the other day that it's leaking from one of the caps. I called Interstate to see if they would cover it but thet said no becuase it's a little over 2 years old. The warranty is only good for 2 years.

    I was thinking about getting an optima battery.

    Anybody have an optima marine battery in thier boat?

    If so which one do you suggest I get? (Blue Top-Marine) Or (Deep Cycle Yellow Top)?

    Thanks for any info...

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    i would look at the cranking amps and go from there you might be able to just go with a red top , you dont really need a deep cycle cause your not powering that much and your not running a trolling motor, plus a red top will save you money

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    i think my challenger uses a Mega-Tron battery with a green label and handle. It must be good since my dad uses it in his truck that we use to pull the boat too.

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    With your stereo upgrades the blue may be a better choice I can only assume you will use it a lot while shut down. Another thing to consider, will the optima fit into the OEM batt box? Autozone marine batts have a great warranty you can just turn them in every two years and pay very little.

    With that said I am a big time believer in Optima battery's and boats, you eliminate the shaking and pounding of the plates and electrolyte. I am going on 6 years with my optimas installed in another boat.

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    optima's rock!! but if you just have a leaking cap and it's the screw on type you can usually just replace the o ring available almost anywhere! Z

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    Like Zmann said...i'd stay with a marine battery, mostly a deep cycle one, because if you do listen to the radio often while the boat is stopped, the deep cycle units won't suffer of being drained and recharged, in fact they are made for with a STD automotive battery, each times you drain it low and recharge it, you are actually decreasing it's life cycle each time. STD automotive batteies are made to have and keep a constant voltage level....not good if you use it often and drop the level often.

    So stick with one being a deep cycle for as far as marine or deep cycle...i don't see the difference....ensure the one you'll get will be a depp cycle unit, and you'll be fine.

    In my boat i junked the Stock battery, and used a very big HD Deep cycle marine unit.....lots of power, lots of reserve...hell less of worries, but you still got to put some occasionnal maintenance charge on the deep cycle units whatever the size, so when you don't use them for a long period...keep an automatic 2 amp charger on them, they live longer.
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    I got a Blue Top Optima D31M and love it. Dry cell and deep cycle. Well worth the money.......

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    I think I'm gonna go with the D34M Blue Top Optima/Deep Cycle Battery.

    It has 750 Cold Cranking Amps and should be plenty...

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