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    Throttle and choke rods GPR

    Is the adjustable one for the choke or the throttle. Seems to be a conflict in the part numbers/ names between 2001-2002 and the service manual?

    thanks Mike

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    Choke non adjustable

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    I have had both sets of my carbs with the adjustable one on the choke. I removed choke plates and moved it to the throttle because it looks better than the other one. The throttle is adjustable at the butterfly shaft where the choke had no adjustment that's why Yami used the adjustable rod there.

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    Thanks, I just wasn't sure when one year the adjustable was for the choke and then the next year it's for the throttle, must have been a misprint.
    Oh and I see that adjustment on the throttle shaft now thanks. I must have swapped them some years ago, didn't see that adjuster then so I used the adjustable rod on the throttle. Just got hold of some stock carbs modified by Novi which had them the right way around.
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    and I've seen them come both ways. my 2000 and 2002 were opposite.
    Its best to use the adjustable one on the throttle that way the butterflies are synchronized properly.

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    Like RX951 said, its better to use the adjustable one on the throttle. Much easier to sync carbs.

    I've seen them always on the choke plates tho. It makes sense because the choke arms are not adjustable and the throttle arms are.

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    you must be right about them making it both ways! cause I wasn't guessing it showed the choke rod as non adjustable

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