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    Setting up a Power Convertor

    So I ran some 8gauge wiring (power and ground) to my glove box.

    Now I want to add a small power convertor such as...


    difference between both is, one is 200W other one 400W and 1 has 1 outlet other one has 2.

    Now I wanna use it for, charging cell phone, ipod, mp3 player, a protable boombox or speakers for music while playing beach vball, or in case I need to plug something while camping (laptop, light, air pump or anything else that is pluggable)

    Question is what would you recommand and why.
    Also, I don't want to drain my battery, push start doesn't work well on a seadoo LOL

    What is safe to run while engine is off and what is safe to run while cruising or idling...

    Well, thats my problem so far, hope you guys can clear things up.

    PS: Yes, I did put a fuse after the battery for the power

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    I would not use an inverter. It pulls ALOT of power from your battery. I had to worry about the inverter pulling too much power from the "house" battery in my cruiser.

    You will drain that battery very fast. It will not take much to pull enough power out of the stock battery so starting the ski will be come "iffy" in a hurry.

    I would take those same wires and put in a cigarette lighter. You can charge almost everything on your list with that, with much less power loss (Of an inverter)

    I have a boom box that I bought several years ago that can run off of the cigarette lighter as well as its own batteries.

    If you go the way you want to, you will always be wondering when you are at the beach if your ski will start at the end of the day.

    You are asking for trouble getting home with your set up.

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    Add a second battery. Connect it to one of those devices that charges both but only pulls aux power from the aux battery. I think someone here or on SDN has some details on a second battery setup

    Inverters SUCK out power from a battery. Anything you can try to use that's straight 12VDC is a better choice.

    We carry a small inverter in the truck so the kids can run stuff while on the road, but its a much larger battery and we usually only use it while driving.

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    Ok so I went the 12 VDC route as suggested.

    Now my last question is, how long without my seadoo running could I be able to power lets say this set of speakers?

    They would be plugged into a left powered mp3 player or ipod but the speakers would be running off the seadoo battery...

    Any one have a good estimate?

    And not to worry, I've already packed the booster cables


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    Can't estimate how long-- speaker/amp specs do not give power consumption details (power requirements)

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    damn, guess we'll have to test it and find out...

    if I kill the battery, boosting it and driving it for 30min should charge it back up?

    Is it bad if I empty it?

    I've done it on my van about 10 times now, I sometimes forget to close my dome light at night :S


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    Its recomended that one doesn't jump start a dead Doo without disconnecting its battery. I assume that this is done to prevent damage to the electrical components.

    Riding it 30 min or so should recharge a battery in good condition.

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