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    Converting 1996 XP to premix

    I have read of people using and not using the block off plate. what is the best way to switch to premix on a 1996 xp? are there any guides that will help me perform the procedure? and also, what is the recomended fuel-oil mixture when using premix? Is there any way to keep the oil injection and be safe? any way to check the pump to make sure its not going to fail on me. I beleive it is cheaper and easier to just use oil injection but if it means possibly replacing my engine i will switch to premix

    Also, is there any guides on rebuilding the carbs?

    What else should i do before i take out out this upcomming season?
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    If it's the original oil pump just buy another, there is no test. want to keep the injection. If not, the easiest way is to unbolt the oil pump, swing it away, remove the plastic driveshaft inside, reinstall the oil pump, job done. 40:1 is the recommended ratio.

    I don't have the link to the Mikuni Carb manual on this computer, but if no-one else posts it up I'll do it for you tomorrow.

    What else to do? Have your fuel lines been replaced? Pump oil changed? Inspect the wear ring and impeller for wear and/or damage? Check the trim rubber boot If it has metal clamps, remove them and install zip-ties in their place.

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    If you remove the oil pump, you will want the little boots that close off the carbs.

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    I had my oil pump explode on my '96 XP 800 last summer. There are two little screws on the top plate of the pump and they backed out on me. My throttle cable felt like it was hanging up and only opening to half throttle...probably a good thing =P Luckily I was close to the boat launch and able to shut down with no damage. I did repair the pump but the plastic worm gear inside was shot. I cut all of the small oil lines, blocked them off so the oiler ports in the carbs couldn't take in additional air and the remains in the pump couldn't leak into the hull. But leave the large lines as they are. They supply oil to the rotary valve.
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