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    Sirius Radio, Speakers, And Deck install (RXP)

    I started out trying to install the Sonic set up But got discouraged finding a good place for the speakers on the RXP so I set off on a whole other direction lol.

    I had the Deck and Speakers left over from last season for my boat and decided that since the boat wasn't getting a sound system the Ski was. I dont remember how much the deck and speakers cost but it was probably around $150 or so.

    The Sirius unit is a Sportster Replay and It too is extra as I am a sat radio freak and have 3 or 4 recievers. This one locks into the docking station with a switch in the back so it's ideal for this set up. Plus it just fits nice where I mounted it. You could probably get one for around $100 not too sure maybe cheaper as they are about to be replaced with a new model.

    I went out and got a Dremel to cut holes for the speakers and wires and it proved to be the most valuable tool for the install

    The Deck is mounted with the brace that it came with and bolted to the inside of the lower storage bin. The brace is the standard brace that any head unit comes with. The one that you need keys to get the deck out.

    One of the speakers is installed in the storage bin itself and the other directly below the upper storage bin facing up. The one in the storage bin was just for the hell of it cause I couldn't find a better place I figured it couldn't hurt. I forgot to take a pic of the one in the lower storage bin but you can kind of see the speaker frame in the pic of the bin in the ski. I still have the option of using the upper storage bin if I want but it does sound better with it out.

    I installed a 12v standard cig lighter jack in the hull to plug in the Sirius Radio. Radio shack $3-$4. Also while at R. Shack I got some quick connects for the power on the deck and the top speaker. They are the same ones that you would see on a RC car for the battery. This way I can completly remove the storage bin without having to worry about wiring.

    For the Sat antenna I plan on mounting it on the back below the BRP logo. I didn't have any double sided tape so dont mind the pics they are just so you get the idea.

    The sound is pretty good. Unfortunatly I dont have any in the water reports due to the week of rain we are in the middle of but I'm sure this will do the trick. Even if I cant hear it over the Riva Exhaust I will def hear it when just chilling with the ski off.

    This isn't exactly a "How To" But the install is pretty straight forward. If any one has any questions let me know.
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    now thats the radio setup im talking about, very nice work!

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    Howard while riding.....way cool!!

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    You Know It Hey NOWwwwww

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    Where is the satelitte antenna?

    Dont get that Sirius receiver wet!!!

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    Sorry I meant to post the pic. The antenna is going on the back under the Removable BRP logo. I'm hoping it doesn't get wet but if it does, Best Buy replacement plan goes into effect lol

    Things usually stay dry in that compartment so we'll see.

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    the antenna is water proof so it doesnt matter if it gets wet.

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