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    Can't Find my SPEED? MY RXP wont wake up!

    Guys is there anything anyone can think of that my seadoo tech could of screwed up doing my 10 hour check. I lowered the oil level. Checked my pump fresh 93oct gas.

    I still can not get about 66 mph. And 7800 Rpm's. Empty tank off gas.

    I mean with full tank I run 64. it just doesn't run wright since they worked on it. What can I check?

    Please if you can help me more email me

    Post here also. Thanks everyone.

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    Summer heat fade? My rxp went 69 mph at 7900 rpm when it was 60 degrees out. Now Im only going 65 mph at 7500 rpm in 100 degree weather.

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    other than overfilling the oil, which is usually the culpirt,

    If he pulled the pump, he may not have reinstalled properly. The rubber seal on the front of the pump has been known to be a little picky on reinstalls. But that shouldn't account for loss of rpm's.

    Could be a heat fade issue, but if the environmental factors (air temp, humidity, altitude) were all the same as the last time you rode it, then that may not be it either.

    It's possible they may screwed up the gap on one of the spark plugs when inspecting. I would get a new set and install them just in case.

    other than that, do a visual inspection inside. Make sure all hose clamps are tight (especially on the supercharger and throttle body), and all electrical connections are seated properly.

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    Nitro, that sounds like my numbers, so maybe it is heat fade. I have just heard of people running 8100 rpm's in 85%+ weather at 68mph and I wish it were true for me, but to be honest its not. And If people are fugging there speeds in the heat I wish they wouldn't.

    Thomas, Thanks for the tip. I am ordering Iridium plugs Monday. Just because. I mean they could of not even be in there tight. It has happened, I will also check the pump and all the electrical. Start basic, Thank you.

    It was funny my 15 year old on his modded 96 xp was running 64-65 mph right next to me and this is what he said. Dad your 10,000 next to my 3000 and I still stay with ya. He obviously doesn't see to much power loss in his 96xp in the heat, Because he was right next to me. LOL.

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