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    Prop for Stock RXP

    Just bought a 06 RXP and let the old lady take it out to put some break in hours on it....well she sucked a rock up and now need a new wear and prop! First question is the rock must have tumbled in pretty hard cause it has broke off some part of the vanes on the pump support...does this matter?? doesnt look like it will cause much probs or performance. Second what prop would you put back in a stock boat??? keep in mind i am not putting any mods but later i might put a RIVA intake on it.....that would be about it as mods and this will be done after the break-in is over. Any thoughts??? Thanks in advance.....and i know the first thought....dont let the old lady take the ski out by herself again

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    I did the same f'ing thing. A buddy sucked a rock up inside and thought by putting it in reverse it would "blow" the rock out.

    I damaged almost all of my "teeth" in the pump support. I ended up grinding them off, with no issue with performance.

    I got a solas 14/19 prop. Made a good deal of difference in performance out of the whole especially.

    Dump the opas, riva intake grat and your set.

    Oh, and once you get tired of replacing wear rings, get the skattrak triple bering mod and stainless steel wear ring and be done with it

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    Thanks Jeff i am going to get the boat out of break-in then i am going to put some goodies on it
    I picked up a wear ring today from the shop and put in the freezer, pulled the prop and put the housing in the freezer for about an hour and bingo the old came right out and the new went in!!
    I took a dremal and cleaned up the rough edges on the prop and it went in the pump like a glove so i think i am going to get the break-in done and order a new prop from greenhulk he seems to have the best prices and looks to take care of everybody on here.....which you cant put a price on that!

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