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    MY 1200R Project ski

    well it was only a matter of time before i gave in and let lose on after market parts...

    I am using my 1200R with 150 hours on it and no top end rebuild to date as the base for this .

    i was not going to do anything serios with this ski but hey i guess that went out the window as of last year some time when i started buying parts...the good news i finally got my last part today, well the last part needed to get this show on the road, i am waiting on a few other things but they will have to wait because i can not wait any longer hehe ....anyway i thought i should do a thread on my build and results share with all you guys.

    i started buying parts for it last year around around july aug or something , not really sure now but this is what i ended up with to date.

    i have a stock 02 GPR , its only got a grate and has been stepped to date but the following are going to be put on this weekend

    1300 top end
    gas valves
    novi 48mm carbs
    protec manifold w\ vf3's
    tiny tach
    r&d 800 grate or dual bar 1200
    jims FF plate
    advent t3 ignition
    05 pump upgrade
    14/20 df
    umi steering with bars and throttle lever + start and stop switch-.
    carbon fibre steering plate - ordered
    r&d pump tunnel reinforcement kit -
    prok uni flame arrestors
    cable extentions for 05 pump
    pump shoe insert upgrades compliments of carl and his kits

    my aim is to build a 75mph rough water ski thats reliable and well this is my first attempt at achieving this goal.

    the build will start on saturday and i hope to get most of it done by the weekend and ready for testing and tuning in the coming weeks but i will have to wait and see how i go.

    i will be taking plenty of pics and will post them accordingly, with a little bit of luck i will will break 75mph real soon.

    if anyone has any build tips feel free to point me in the right direction especially if they are related to tips for the 2002 model gpr's and things to be wary of.
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    As far as the 02 goes you will need to use your drive shaft in the 05 Pump.

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    You should blow past 75 mph with those mods setup properly.

    Best of luck izzz

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    Tiny Tach ?

    If you are going this far may as well spend the few $$ and get a PET-2100.

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    75 is a nice modest goal to start with, I see 80 in your near future. Keep us informed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    Tiny Tach ?

    If you are going this far may as well spend the few $$ and get a PET-2100.
    Also that 14/20 dynafly is a good starting point but you will be needing to add some pitch.

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    I think is a great starting point get the ski dialed in then playing around with props and plate angle .

    Guy s with the set up above what jetting specs should Steve be at with the 48 NOVI on no ported 1300 top end.

    Steve do you know whats in the NOVI s now.

    Nothing like building a project you should scream past 75mph

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    you wont even be able to tell its the same boat

    i would highly recommend the

    05 pump shoe/ride plate inserts
    oil block off
    dual fuel pick-up and extend the lines down to the bottom of the tank..

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    i dont actually have a complete 05 pump as I told i could reuse my intemediate shaft, however i didnt know i needed a 2" spacer which i do not have or the 2" extention....however i am going to try it as is and if i am unhappy about the hookup i will get one for it.

    keep in mind this ski will live in rough conditions ( remember what us aussies call rough you call too rough to go out lol- hecvk we dont know what glass is here ) so if i can hit a reliable 75 with this setup with a shred master plate on i will be pretty happy, if i blow past that and hit 77-80 i will be extremely happy...its not the first time i have over engineered something, it seems to run in the family lol.

    if it goes over 80 i will be quite suprised but either way it will take a bit of time to tune it from what i can tell, having all the right parts is one thing but its the tuning that seems to give you guys that extra edge.

    as for the tiny tach , i got it before i knew any better and it cost me like 30 bux heh, its only to get base readings for initial tuning of the ski and so i can work out what i need to do with the prop as far as pitch is concerned ...i can get another one later on i guess but i am a bit over budget at the moment and if my girlfreind knew what i had spent i would be in trouble lucky for me i ship all parts to my office the prop will end up being taller but i wanted to start short and tweak it from there instead of giving it too much and having to wind it back.

    also thanks for the advice guys and the words of encouragment over the past 18 months or so that i have been a member of this forum, if it wasnt for all of you here i would not be where i am today and would have most likley been talked into buying a riva kit long ago and been very dissapointed ...thanks to one and all and to the people here ( you know who you are) that have for a long time now put up with my stupid questions

    if this setup does not ring my bell when its done and tuned i will port the mofo and if that does not satisfy me i will shove a rotax in it hahah, dither way i am out to have me some serious high actane powered fun

    once i am done pimping her out out she will demand the respect she deserves.
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    Steve... projects ALWAYS go over budget, thats just a part of life

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