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Thread: Yamaha Spout

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    Yamaha Spout

    The spout on the back of most yamaha that sprays out the water,if you remove it will it affect the craft's performance negatively or positively?

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    if you get run over by a boat you will wonder if the visibility spout would have saved you! but no performance loss! some guy's put an in line valve so they can turn it on and off! mine shoots so hi it looks like a rooster tail! you do get bad performance from large font and the red color lol

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    My Eye`s, my eye`s , what he said...PR...

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    I like the visibility spout....

    Here is a good rule of thumb......

    On a stock ski ( unless riding in ocean,waves, or canals where visibility is safety issue) Remove the visibility spout.. it makes you look like a newbie or your riding a rental ski.....

    On modified fast ski (75mph or faster) Leave the the visibility spout on.. it makes you look like a newbie or your riding a rental ski........ and also is PERFECT Bait for those unsuspecting Seadoos, Kawi 250s

    The beauty of this is..... if they outrun you, you can say.. hey, my ski is still stock see visibility spout but if you outrun them.....

    I like the visibility spout soo much.. I put mine on steroids
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    My xl 1200's both shoot this high! it only sucks when it's cold and the wind blows the wrong way brr cold shower

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    We call it GAY SPRAY around here!
    so take that thing off of there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultra250 Tn View Post
    We call it GAY SPRAY around here!
    so take that thing off of there
    Ouch, Not that there is anything wrong with it...LOL

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    I.m leaving mine! gay or not, boating on a lake with the frigging go fast boats I'll take all the visibility I can get just like those gay flags on dune buggies they may save my ass

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    how'd you make it have a roosters tail like that?

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