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    Suggestions on a late-model SX-R?


    I started on Polaris sit-downs. Recently, I bought a couple of Kawi standups, an 89 550 and 90 440. Now I'd like to try something that I can stand up on, but that doesn't try to kill me!

    Can anybody give me any pointers on best years, years to avoid, common problems, etc? Basically I'm looking for something new to 3 yrs old.

    Also, I've been told by my local dealer that you can't buy a new SX-R in NY due to emissions laws, but you can bring in a used model. Any truth to this?


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    Well, I would stay away from that dealer. Perhaps he wasn't clear when he said it?? Same goes in Ca. but it is only relevant to new ski sales. You can buy used all day anywhere. As far as differences, the main difference is between the 2003 and all newer is the stator. No benefit IMO. That's it and graphics. Easy ski to ride. Go to the link below as ther are quite a few SXR's for sale!

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    Bottum of 'Specs'

    * Not available in California or New York

    Goodluck >_>

    Guess its a good thing im in Florida..
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    can't buy NEW ones in NY. That's why there were no 2 stroke pwc's at the javits center. pretty retarded since there were mercury racing outboards hanging off tons of boats.

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    Like I said, it is ONLY relevant to brand new ski's. You can buy used all day in CA or NY. Check the link I sent above as there are some nice SXR's for sale right now cheap. Who needs new?

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    You should buy JD1's race prepped one that he is selling. Thats a hell of deal.

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