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    XL800 almost back together, one more ?

    When I blew the rear cylinder and the piston skirt broke off, a piece did a little damage to one of the reed valve so that is barely seals. SO, when i re-installed the carbs and hand turn over the engine I can hear the one bad reed "singing" with the lower case pressure pushing back out the carb, i.e. not quite sealing, so I guess it needs to be replaced.

    SO, my question is for all you guys with so much experience, is:

    Should I replace the rear reed assembly with a stock one, OR is there an after market reed assembly that's better and then replace both of them.

    After this, it's time to put the engine back in and I'm sure I'll have a question about the best way to line up the coupling with the shims.

    Thanks again, I owe you all a beer!!!

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    Well with no replies, I ordered a stock new reed assembly for the damaged one. Prolly just as good for me as I'm only a rec rider and I want dependablitiy more than extra HP.

    Can't wait to hear that engine start! Ready for a good summer on Tampa Bay.

    Since I ride solo a lot down the Bay, next purchase will be a SeaTow membership!!! From down town Tampa to Egmont Key ther'es a lot of space to be stranded afloat.


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    Sorry we missed this! you made the right call! I use stock or carbon tech's for my rec riders
    and go download the manual in the tech section it will show u how to do the coupler alignment! Z
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