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Thread: Nitrous?

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    I was looking at the nitrous kits to go on my ski. Should i do this? Would like to know the pros and cons on this.

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    start here with this search.

    I would say it is not pratical on a ski, but read and you decide...

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    I am a big fan of nitrous on my ski..... its not for everyone, but it can be big power increase for not a lot of $$

    I have been able to get 87 mph out of my ski and the only engine work has been shaving the head and spacer on the reeds. Everything else was the nitrous, tru-ing hull, pump, propeller and nozzle efficiency... still single pipe, stock bore with no porting

    there is good and bad to it... but for short bursts of speed, if your willing to run a big impeller, you can see big gains. If your red line is 7300 and your already turning 7000, you would be limited to 3 mph gain.....

    I have never owned a polaris, and know nothing about them, but wanted to chime in on the nitrous

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