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    Simple way to check for sc washer failure

    I'm about to pull the trigger on an 06 RXP (39hrs) and want to know if there's an easy way to check for washer failure. If it's happened I'd like to be able to make sure it was repaired properly prior to purchasing.



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    take air intake hose off inlet of supercharger... stick ur finger in and try to spin the impeller with your finger... if it spins freely it's blown up

    there's really no way to know if there was a previous failure or not and whether it was properly repaired without taking the engine apart

    does it still have warranty on it?

    check your PM... i sent you a message... i'll check to see if there's any records of a failure on the machine ur looking at

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    There's no easy way to tell if the SC has had a prior failure. You can look at the engine hoist brackets for wear indicating that the engine has been removed from the ski. But even if there is no wear on them, that doesn't mean it has never eaten washers. Just hope you have an honest seller.

    If it has had a washer failure, don't worry about whether it was cleaned properly - don't buy it.

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    are you purchasing ski from a SeaDoo dealer? if there was anykind of repair done under warranty there should be a record of it. If the seller is out-right then you`d have to look for the tell tale signs that something was apart, not easy to do if you haven`t been around the 4-Tecs...PR...

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    As a buyer there are somethings you should do before buying a suspicious washer failure ski: You must ride the ski before the purchase or have someone that knows about skis to ride it. You should check for wierd noises coming from the engine when riding or sluggish throttle operation like if the ski is not accelerating enough when given gas. If it is a dealership and the unit is used you should request for some kind of warranty time period just to be on the safe side. (Hope this helps)

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