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    How do you remove.....

    So i have my RXT and its got the old License Plate lettering on the hull on both sides. Whats the best way to remove that and put the new plate number on? Should i just bring it to a dealer and have them do it? Let me know i really dont want to screw up my hull.

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    Hair Dryer=d>

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    I use a single edge razor and spray-on decal remover (DSR). Heat the decals with the hair dryer, use the razor to lift the edge and slowly peel the decal back. Keep the blade parallel to the deck to avoid scratching the gelcoat. WORK SLOWLY. Spray the DSR on the deck and use a soft rag to clean up the residue.

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    Yea, hair dryer is the way to go thats how i removed mine, you heat it and start peeling it with your nail or a sharp piece of plastic ! If there is glue left just wax it off !

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    1. Heat the stickers up and pull them off.
    2. Go to Home Depot or WalMart, Get a can of 'OOPS' to remove the glue.
    3. Clean off with Windex.
    4. Apply new chit.
    5. Ride it like you stole it.


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    Put a hand towel in a pot of water and heat it till boiling and take a pair of tongs and lay it over the stickers hold it there for a minute or so and then try to peel it off. Repete as necessary, just keep dipping the towel in the hot water and hold it on the sticker so it can loosen the glue.

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    Works everytime !!

    roll the ski in the house, pull it off the trailer and slide it into the oven. set at 350* for about 2 hours. Keep an eye on it make sure that it doesnt turn brown. You will know when its ready to peel the stickers. total time 2 1/2 hours.

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