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    Looking to buy 2004 F-12X

    Hey there guys, (and gals)
    I am looking to buy a 2004 F-12X with approx. 90 hrs.

    Run on fresh water only, was bought new may of 06 I think.
    One owner. Included is trailer and 3 nicer ski jackets...

    $5000.00 sound about right. He was asking
    5800.00 range..

    I am really looking forward to finally getting a ski....

    Anything specific that you would look for...

    I have been doing a lot of searching on here... The one thing that I have noticed is that if it is well maintained they seem to run well for quite a while...

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    That doesn't sound too bad for 5000. I paid 3500 for a 04 R12 with 60 hours. With the xtra $ for the F and the turbo your probably not too far off. Look it over good and check the compression. They run a little rough at idle but smooth out with a little throttle. Run it on a hose if possible. Good luck.

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    Welcome to the HULK!!!!!!!! Price sounds about right. Take it for a test ride, and see how it dose. For the most part they are very reliable.

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    not to hi-jack this thread, but I'm looking at one as well and had a couple of questions that may help us both. Compared to the rotax engine, which design is the best for durability, reliability, ease of maintenance, maintenance cost...ect?? sorry for all the questions, but don't know much about the 4 cylinders/compaired to rotax.

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