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    Well It took a month and some postage. BUT R&D did stand behind the Cracked R&D 800 grate. I had heard they would, I had talked To Them (they said," they would"), But I got a new one yesterday. That is when I say they did, and would .

    I hope this grate and My new IR R&D #4 cut plate gives me a couple MPH ..
    I have always used a 1200 grate, and a homemade R&D plate.. so as soon as the ICE is off the lake I am doing some testing...
    I am at High 76 all day long 77 when cold. so If I can get 1 mph out of the grate. some better planeing form the IR plate, so I can use My big prop. 15/25 concord( I only need 100 rpms in the heat).
    I am thinking about Porting for some MORE HP. THAT Or an ADVENT. They are both 600.00 so One or the other I am at 160 psi and a 3* keyway now. On my 1390. I have Vf- 3s. jetting and everything other. and still not at 80....

    I guess we will see what the 800 grate and the stage four IR plate does?

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    That is good to hear they came through.

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    Good deal

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