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Thread: Kinch in here!

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    Kinch in here!

    I cant beleive I am asking a question about JB weld but here we go...

    My Bilge pump fell off and I used the 2 tube JB weld last time like the one You have to mix the black "gel" and the white "gel"...that was a mess but I finally go it up there and it stuck...

    I bought some of the JB weld in the stick like with the grey center and the white outside....

    Will that stuff bond my bilge pump to the hull? Or do I need the "gel" stuff??

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    Heat it with a blow torch first,,,Jesus H. Sorry, forgot the

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    Why not the epoxy we use to fill the ride plate holes?


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    Bro, next time use 3M fast cure 5200 marine adhesive sealant, this product is the sh*t to hold your bilge pump in place for ever.

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    Dry the circle area where you are mounting the bilge. Then get a knife and kind of scratch around at it (extra bond). Then wet the tips of your fingers and kneed the JB Weld should take a couple minutes. You have to make sure the JB weld is mixed all the way through or it will be weakened. If it starts warming up you know it is starting to cure and you need to hurry up.

    Scratch the bottom of the bilge mounting plate (extra bond) then patty out the JB Weld and push it on the bilge plate then push it down where you want it to mount. Then if you see any excess come out of the side use a wet finger tip and kind of push it against the plate and the hull but don't cover up the bilge mount filter grate thing. Then let it sit overnight before you put the bilg back in.

    The JB weld liquid mix is stronger but harder to apply than the puddy. The puddy should be plenty strong for this application though.

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    O ok...yeah I used the stick this time...but I have to mount it on the side of the hull near the pump support.....Hope it holds I sanded the back of the mounting bracket and I just pushed it onto the old JB weld where I couldnt get it off....

    SHould hold right Kinch?

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    Pushing it on the old JB Weld will be fine. Sometimes I'll scratch up the old JB Weld just to give it more grip. Just don't mess with the mounting until it sits for a day.

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