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    Some interesting Boost readings

    2005 RXT

    4" air intake
    Thru-hull exhaust and gutted waterbox
    Riva Intercooler
    pump wedge and NOPAS

    Dynotune Digital boost gauge

    first time running the gauge, was excited, i love it's looks and instant readings and clear display. get on the water, nail the throttle and hold it WOT and get down on it... constant 8.2 psi ! STOCK s/c impeller

    so whatever i let off and ride for awhile and get on it again.... constant 7.6 psi ... ah nuts... guess it was a spike reading earlier. engine got hotter, ski been running for awhile now, gauge probably better calibrated...

    all day long for about 3 more hours 7.6 psi.... shits and giggles i remove my glove box to see something and notice my air intake tube fell out of my front air vent where i usually have it for 100% outside air. it was now sucking air from above the gas tank (still relatively close to cool air)...

    so i stick my 4" hose back in the front seat vent, nail it WOT.... 8.2 psi and acceleration was night and day from just moments ago... hm... mind games? open glove box, pull the air intake back out and leave it in the hull.... WOT and 7.6 psi again...

    i could replicate this scenario like clock work... cold air 8.2 ... hull air 7.6

    that's a big difference!! and very impressive for a stock SC impeller i thought huh?

    goes to show you how much these things LOOOOVE cold air and the drastic impact it has on boost pressure, performance, and VERY noticeable change in acceleration... also was a 50 RPM gain from cold air to hull air.

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    that is interesting

    what speeds are you up to now

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    Makes that snow performance thing sound like a nice option.
    Did you notice a top speed difference or just acceleration ?

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